Meadow Greens Landscaping

Website Design

HTML/CSS formatted, multi-page layout with social media plug-ins and SEO Optimized.

Meadow Greens Landscaping Website Design

Services – Website Design, HTML5, CSS3, SEO Optimization

Created – August 2011

The Problem.

Meadow Green's Landscaping company was a brand new business looking to get a website. They needed to get new customers to built their clientele. Some ways to reach their target audience was through organic searches and craigslist ads.

The Solution.

We created a simple and straight forward website for Meadow Green's Landscaping. A website where new customers can see their work, their services and contact them directly to request their services.

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The outcome.

Meadow Green's Landscaping started to post ads on and started getting traction through their website's contact form.

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