Zareth Nails & Spa

Business Card Printing

Printed on 16pt. card stock, full color on both sides and UV coated. Durable and vibrant business cards.

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Services – Logo Development, Graphic Design Layout with Printing

Created – July 2013

The Problem.

Zareth Nail and Spa was opening up it's business and needed business card to illustrated their work in an attractive matter. And a way to bring more customer to their location

The Solution.

We designed their business card using a sample of their work, in large format and used vivid colors. We also added a punch card layout in the back so customer's can get a hole-punch every visit to receive a free service.

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The outcome.

Created a stylish logo using fancy fonts and imagery. Printed Zareth Nail and Spa's business cards, full color, front and back with UV coated, bringing new customers to the door using the punch-card layout.

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