From Postcard to Website

Pica Seven Group can design a campaign in which people can scan QR to go to a unique landing page.

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QR Postcard Printing made easy! × seriously

Connect users to an online landing page for special offers and gather information.


Low-cost Printing

Creating a postcard mailer with a QR code to a Landing Page does not have to be expensive. We specialize in creating an affordable package to connect with potential customer with QR campaigns.


HTML Landing Pages

Pica Seven Group is responsible to create landing pages for each QR code to really analyze where are your customers coming from.


Custom Design Layout

Let us design a custom design for your landing pages. Custom made each landing page to target a specific audience.

QR Postcard Printing Campaign

Have any questions? Contact us to learn how we can connect your potential customers to your website and convert to leads.

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