Keep current and attract new customers with E-mail Blasts

E-mail marketing is one way to have your brand in people's eyes. Make sure to have a good looking design for your e-mail.

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More clicks equals more customers × Send e-mails constantly

Keep your customers updated with sale promotions, coupons and your company with an e-mail marketing campaign.


Custom Design

We don't use templates. We believe in custom-made layouts. No templates, no recycling design is our motto. We brand each e-mail with your company's logo and color scheme. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us by filling the form below.


Unique Content

It's important that you put attractive content in each email. Make your customers take action with a call out button or interesting information. Keep your viewers inform and offer exclusive coupons just for them.


E-Mail Tracking

Don't just send e-mails not knowing if they get open. Pica Seven Group can track e-mails and check which ones get open, deleted and which customers took action.

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We believe every business should have E-Mail Marketing to succeed. Fill out the form on the right to find out more information or get pricing.

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